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CONSERVATION BIBLIOGRAPHY. When a conservator writes a conservation manual such as this, much of the data are in his or her head and from personal applications.

Paper Conservation Research

Other bone or hide glues are used by japanese conservators. Dextrins are modified starches whose molecular structure has been changed through the use of heat, acid, alkali, or other catalytic conversions. For those tests completed, resulting information is included under specific entries.

It sticks beva d-8 was formulated by gustav berger to act as a nap-bond adhesive for the lining of a theater curtain by picasso ( beva d-8, an aqueous, non-ionic dispersion, consists mainly of an ethylene vinyl acetate emulsified by a volatile material which evaporates during drying. Gum arabic is the slightly acidic salt of a complex polysaccharide. Adhesive mixture is applied to the support, allowed to dry, reactivated with isopropanol (ccigetty n.

See proprietary formulations may contain additives such as, plasticizers, extenders, fillers, pigments, dyes, thickeners, solvents, and wetting agents. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. The preservation of underwater archeological specimens in plastic.

Depending upon the solvent, the beads may need overnight or longer to dissolve at room temperature. The resin has been shown to be highly resistant to deterioration at normal temperatures and to be resistant to reaction with dilute acids and alkalis. Buffers, if included, might be calcium carbonate or calcium acetate ( , 94).

Acrylics have been used since the 1950s in the paper industry as coatings and adhesives. The funori seaweed adhesive can be applied without heating, because the extract is liquid at room temperature. Depending on the manufacturing process used, hydrolytic scission at either the 1-4 or 1-6 glucosidic links is responsible for the molecular modifications of the parent starch.

The color changes from clear to yellow to brown. The molecular weight ranges from about 240,000-580,000. It is possible to mix two viscosity types to achieve an intermediate. Gum arabic is not widely used in conservation. Once dried, it is resoluble in water (hercules, inc.

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Possible Use of Non-Adhesive Treatments. Because of adhesive-substrate interaction, the application of adhesive to a paper object cannot always be considered fully ...

Paper Conservation Research

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Paper Conservation Research Toronto, canada icom committee for conservation, 1981. Lascaux 360 hv applied to support and allowed to dry. After drying, soluble in alcohols, aromatics, esters, ketones, glycol esters, Whether aqueous or solvent-based the adhesive should not solubilize media. Urea formaldehyde resin is used 5-15 for water resistance coatings. When diluted for delicate work, a well-made paste will not undergo a sudden loss of viscosity, but a gradual and continuous change. Tate, tennent, and townsend, scottish society for conservation and restoration, 1983, p, It varies from the collagen adhesives in source, solubility. Priest at the institute of paper conservation, march 1989, As they age, they cross-link and their solubility decreases to insolubility. Never mix sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in organic solvent, Resin hardness can be correlated to pencil hardness b-72 and b-82h, b-67hb, f-10b ( resins are not known to be hazardous. Necessary working time will vary in the same ways as with liquid enzyme procedures. In the past, vinyl acetate has been polymerized in a free radical addition reaction (for description see skeist 1973, 344-351). Collagen is the structural protein of connective tissue, bone, It may take a few minutes for funori to be absorbed, which allows it to soften and flatten lifted flakes.
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    Soluble plastics in the preservation of artifacts made of cellulosic materials. After drying, soluble in alcohols, aromatics, esters, ketones, glycol esters. Our cooking is preceded by a three-hour period during which we periodically stir the starch-water mixture. Less water evaporates from the paste mixture because the cooking process occurs more rapidly and this gives the starch granules more opportunity to absorb water and burst. Lamatec is also available coated onto cloth, crompton tissue, or other repair tissues from ademco.

    The proceedings of the symposium the conservation and restoration of metals, edinburgh, scotland, march 1979, pp. Soak 100 g of starch in 500 ml of water in a pyrex beaker. The lower the mw and the higher the percent hydrolysis, the more water soluble the polymer will be. However, breathing of powders should be avoided. Horie states polymers with a glass transition temperature above 65c (149f) should not be used ( listed by the manufacturer or in product literature and it is presumed that they are intended only for contact (pressure sensitive) applications.

    Whenever possible, aging of materials for use in paper conservation should be evaluated on a paperadhesive testing system. It is recommended that the agar be allowed to swell in cool water first to prevent scorching. The amylose fraction is responsible for the internal strength of a starch, many of its working properties, and for its degree of stiffening upon cooling. Its color is white to light yellow. The modifications listed under pressure-sensitive application apply. Stabilizing of wood found in the viking ship of oseburg, part i. Gum films can, however, be more flexible than starch films. Additives may make some formulations more susceptible to yellowing ( , 38, 42). Polysaccharides are carbohydrates made of chains of monosaccharide units. Comes as tape on a roll which has been coated on one side with an adhesive.

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    Support CoOL. When FAIC took on management of Conservation OnLine (CoOL) and the Conservation DistList eight years ago, we knew that these resources were crucial to ...
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    Some grades are fully hydrolyzed while others contain residual acetate groups (4-40 acetate groups). Pvoh is generally prepared by dispersing powder in cold water and heating solution if necessary. To further lower the softening point these esters are fused with plasticizer under heat and pressure, and then the acetate flake can be processed into products by extrusion and molding. Like cellulose, all cellulose ethers will suffer from chain breaking through oxidation. Composed of 38 solids, 40000-45000 cps, internally plasticized.

    When using a new material, run tests to determine proportion of water to starch, cooking temperature, and time and amount of agitation that will give best results Buy now Paper Conservation Research

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    Funori shows many fluctuations in quality, for example the ph may range from 6. Additives may affect aging characteristics radically and may be subject to change in industry due to changes in supply, economics, etc. Horie states that methacrylates are more likely to cross-link if exposed above or near their glass transition temperatures ( changes in ph after 2. The characteristic properties of cellulose nitrate in sheet form depend on molecular weight, degree of nitration, stabilization, film thickness, and plasticizer content. Generally, dextrins are much more soluble in water than the source starch because processing has lowered the molecular weight.

    It is the calcium salt of arabic acid Paper Conservation Research Buy now

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    Polyvinyl acetate heat seal adhesive lining of pen and iron gall ink drawings on tracing paper. Acetate from cotton linters is of better color and solution clarity. Ideally, the adhesive and its method of application should not alter the appearance of the media or support. Brian lesser, jon stewart, and doug nishimura. Horie remarks that testing these dispersions is difficult unfortunately the properties of the films formed from these dispersions are extremely variable, presumably from batch to batch ( , 110).

    Dispersions are susceptible to damage by temperatures less than 4. Slice the gel to desired size(s) and place on object to be treated. Pva dispersions form strong, flexible bonds to many materials, although complete film formation may take several months at the proper temperature ( , 221) Buy Paper Conservation Research at a discount

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    Percent concentration cannot be compared between different sources. Laminate with hot press or tacking iron to chosen support paper or cloth at 80-90c (176-194f) for 20-25 seconds. These inconsistencies in the product lead to a new purification process of the algae. Solutions of gum tragacanth have longer shelf lives than other gums. The library of congress adhesives file, n.

    Finer grades of gum (often collected from cultivated trees) are colorless, partially due to bleaching by the sun. The conservation and preservation of ancient metals from marine sites. Pressure-sensitive, thin, transparent paper for repair of documents. In beneath the waters of time the proceedings of the ninth conference on underwater archaeology, edited by j Buy Online Paper Conservation Research

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    The ph of a 2 solution is about 7. After drying, soluble in ethanol and acetone removable mechanically or with heat 70-73c (158-163. However, see , below for a more recent appraisal. In paper conservation cellulose acetate has been used in sheet form for the lamination of documents, or in dilute solution as a consolidant for flaking or friable media. Methyl cellulose has been used successfully for hinging on supports which may be distorted by slower drying paste.

    For the acrylic adhesives there were not as many differences between the homopolymers and copolymers. In its molten state, beva may stain the material to which it is applied by effecting a change in the refractive index in the material and not by causing a chemical reaction ( some conservators are concerned about the reversibility of beva on paper substrates Buy Paper Conservation Research Online at a discount

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    The borden company has sold several proprietary resin aerosol sprays as fixatives to be used by artists and others. For qualitative tests to differentiate gums see , 252. In general, dispersions with no additives, and those that are internally plasticized, are less likely to discolor. Pva resin is not appreciably affected by uv light and does not measurably break down and discolor when exposed to strong sunlight (see newer information shows that pva is not totally transparent to uv light, according to its spectrum. In the proceedings of the symposium the conservation and restoration of metals, edinburgh, scotland, march 1979, wisser, t.

    Lascaux 360 hv applied to support and allowed to dry Paper Conservation Research For Sale

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    Scottish society for conservation and restoration, edinburgh. If you wish to thin the paste use 1 part paste to 30 parts water. In underwater archaeology a nascent discipline. Cellulose nitrate was used initially for military explosives (gun cotton) and later plasticized with camphor to produce the first successful synthetic plastic. A pre-slurry can be prepared using aliphatic, aromatic, etc.

    Collodion and pyroxylin are plastic forms of low-nitrogen cellulose nitrate which are variable mixtures consisting chiefly of cellulose tetranitrate. The color of the dry form cannot be used to predict the color of the resulting solution. Russian isinglass is a pure collagen prepared from the swim bladders of the sturgeon fish For Sale Paper Conservation Research

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    Tate, tennent and townsend, scottish society for conservation and restoration, 1983, pp. Cellulose acetate does not readily accept additives to modify viscosity or clarity. It is not known whether this resin is used by paper conservators, though its properties are documented. Filmoplast p (hans neschen gmbh & co. Web coatings are created by spray (e.

    They involve dissolution of gum tears in water by agitation at room temperature, agitation at slightly elevated temperatures, and immersion in rapidly boiling water. Casein is insoluble in water, but forms a colloidal suspension in alkaline solutions. After drying, soluble in ethanol and acetone removable mechanically or with heat 70-72c (158-161 Sale Paper Conservation Research



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